Look Mama! I Have My Own App!

appsComo - Create a mobile app in 3 easy steps.

Simple and efficient are buzz words that business owners are throwing left, right, and centre. In today’s world, we are always on the move and are constantly finding ways to digest information as quickly as possible. Introducing mobile apps – applications that enhance functionality and prioritize user experience.

Websites are easy to view on desktops but can be awkward and troublesome to navigate on mobile devices. Mobile apps were built to simplify the process of finding information by negating the need to use the phone’s browser. An example, would be for online banking. Instead of logging into the bank’s website on the phone’s browser, you’ll be able to use the banking app which lays out the Login Tab, monetary data, and personal info in a neat and concise manner.

There are many resources when it comes to creating mobile apps but I found Como to be user-friendly and easy to understand. In addition, Como is free to use. You can try creating your own mobile app using Como here.

For those interested in learning more, Android has a comprehensive tutorial online, outlining the process for their users. Same goes for Apple.

Storytelling with QR Codes

IMG_0092If there’s one thing I look forward to every year is the Docklands Winter Fireworks. During the months of July and August, fireworks would be on display for our viewing pleasures every Friday, 7pm at the New Quay Promenade. Great way to celebrate after a busy week and just take in the array of colours and patterns. And the best part of all, it’s FREE!

PS. Try scanning the QR code in the photo! First time using QR codes and I’m very amused.

Digital Stories | Peer Feedback


Daniel Hennequin is a movie-buff and it is only fitting that he made a film review podcast for his digital story submission. In this podcast, Daniel reviewed three Marvel superhero movies, shared his TOP TEN, and gives us a run down of movies released in May. Joining him is fellow classmate and superhero fanatic, Alex Xu, who shared her TOP TEN SUPERHERO FILMS (between the past 10 years). Chronicle? Heck yea!

The presentation of the podcast is formal and the script, professionally written. The attempts at comedy were good and gives the audience a character to relate to. Audio snippets from movie trailers were used effectively to give listeners a context of the film being reviewed and helps to break up the pacing of the podcast. The inclusion of Alex’s segment offered listeners a different perspective. It’s unfortunate, that this segment was recorded separately as it would have been more engaging as a conversation.

I felt that the inclusion of the BAD NEIGHBOURS and A MILLION WAYS TO DIE reviews weren’t necessary. The angle of the podcast could have been sharper if he had focused solely on superhero movies. Technically, the quality of the recording is good but could have been improved by using a wind-screen. This would help cancel out the pops and smacking noises coming from the lips.

Creating a film review podcast isn’t easy, especially in a market where film reviews are highly-saturated and everyone’s a critic. Daniel did a commendation job despite catching a nasty infection and I look forward to seeing him refine this podcast.

Check out Daniel’s movie reviews at hqmoviereviews.com


Just gonna say it outright – THIS IS AMAZING! 

15 Minute News Hour is a comedic news podcast created by Chiara-Rose KempJoshua Ezackial, and Matt Nielson. The pacing of this news podcast is fast, dynamic, and jammed pack with a wide variety of content. The quality of the voice recording is top-notch and the edits were seamless, allowing the audience to fully immense themselves in the experience. Special mention goes to Joshua, for his amazing voice work as Martin Sprout? Michael Spunk? Micky Split? - great natural delivery and with a voice as smooth as butter ~mmhmm~

My favourite segments include the interview with Asylum Seeker advocate, Jerry O’Riley (4.09) and the live coverage of the “World Staring Championships” (6.15).

My only criticism would be that some segments dragged on longer that necessary ie. Big Luigi Pizza commercial – but Matt’s(?) Italian accent coupled with the catchy background jingle managed to keep us entertained. Overall, excellent writing and incredible voiceover talent. The attention to detail given to this project puts it head and shoulders above an average student project.

Great job guys and hope to see hear more from the 15 Minute News Hour!

Keep up with the 15MinuteNewsHour on SoundcloudFacebook, and Twitter.