Fireworks in Reverse (Commentary)

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It’s not every day that one of my video goes viral. So you can imagine my surprise when “Fireworks in Reverse” started gaining attention on the internet. BIG thank you to everyone who’ve shared my video. Looking forward to creating better videos in the future.

Five things you need to know about the video:

1) There are 4 cuts in the video (can you spot them all?).

2) The actually New Year’s Eve Fireworks display went for 15 minutes. I only picked out the parts which I though looked good in reverse and used the last minute of the display.

3) The song is “Moon Behind the Tree” by Serphonic.

4) This is NOT the first reverse fireworks video on YouTube. There are a handful of “reverse fireworks” video on Youtube dating 4-5 years ago.

5) The bokeh lights at the end of the video are actual fireworks.




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2 thoughts on “Fireworks in Reverse (Commentary)

    1. juliantay Post author

      Hi Jeffrey,

      I’ll be happy for you to use my video! Also, it would be nice if you could credit me for the video.




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