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Spotlight: LOOK UP

Look Up[screenshot from the short film – LOOK UP]

We are living in a digital era where instagram shows us what our neighbours are eatinghash-tagging is part of everyday conversation, and Facebook is being used by adorable grandparents. Are any of these bad? Of course not – but what happens when social media starts to consume our daily activities and social interaction?

The video doesn’t demonise social media entirely, but rather encourages people to take a break from their online lives to experience real connections. – Sydney Morning Herald, 2014.

LOOK UP is a spoken word short film that asks us to step away from the screen and spend some time together in the same physical space. This video caught my attention as I was scrolling through my RSS feed see original post on here. As an avid user of social media, I do understand the author’s concerns but it’s going to take a lot of hard work before we see a shift in the way society views social media.

This video is a good place to start that conversation. The poem, although clumsy at times, succeed in delivering its message and has most likely strike a chord with its 41 million viewers. Social media will continue to grow and evolve but we will have a choice to either shut it out completely or engage it as a useful tool. And for those of us who are caught up in excessive social media usage, it’s always good to have a reminder every now and then to look up.

What do you think? Are we spending too much time glued to our screens? Or is social media enhancing our experiences in the real world?

Watch LOOK UP:

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