Spotlight: Crush the Skull

I’m not big on horror films but in the spirit of Halloween, here’s a short horror/thriller film.

Happy Halloween!

Spotlight: Form 17

This week, something a little more ‘light-hearted’. This short is really well written and hilarious (thought it may not seem so at first). What I enjoyed most about the short is its dialogue and acting. It’s a little long but I was entertained throughout the way.

Friday Night Trivia: The Cast of The Simpsons

Ever wondered who voiced the characters in The Simpsons? Check the video and be amazed their voice-acting skills. Very talented bunch and fun video too.

Happy weekend everybody!

Spotlight: Pockets

From the guys who directed Foster The People’s ‘Houdini’ MV and Dogboarding comes a short film that will blow your mind. Love the concept and how they were able to tell such a compelling story in a span of three minutes.

You can check out more videos from DANIELS on their vimeo channel.