Friday Night Trivia: Mr. Nice Guy

Did you know that Mr. Nice Guy (1997), starring Jackie Chan was filmed in Melbourne? They even featured the iconic conical roof of Melbourne Central on the poster. Check out the fight scenes below and see if you can recognise any of the places.

(image via wikipedia)

Spotlight: Countdown (Snuggie Version)

A great example of what video editing and a little bit of green screen is able to accomplish.

Friday Night Trivia: The Matrix

Number 1: Did you know that the majority of the movie was shot in Sydney, Australia? Famous landmarks were excluded to make it look like any generic American city.

Number 2: Will Smith was approached to play Neo, but turned down the offer in order to star in “Wild Wild West”. He later admitted that he was “not mature enough as an actor” at that time and that if he was given the role, he “would have messed it up”.

There you go. Something a little more modern this week.

(Image via wikipedia)

Spotlight: Tea Party in Super Slow Motion

There’s something soothing about watching plates, eggs, and teacups breaking into little pieces in slow motion.