FLOW – Reflection


For this final assignment, we were required to create an edited sequence using videos, photos, and audio clips gathered from our previous tasks. Additional stock footage and images were allowed to be included. We were given the choice between two themes – Impact or Flow.

Interpretation of Theme

The theme that I have chosen is FLOW. Water, rivers, soothing, and graceful are examples of words and imagery that we tend to associated with the word flow. To create a sense of flow in the edit, most of the clips were spliced together with a “fade into black” transition. Cutting between actions while following the direction of the movement also helped to improve the smoothness of the edit.

Transitioning from video to photo can be awkward so key frames were placed on the photos’ scales to help create movement. Audio files were overlapped and dragged across multiple clips to create an illusion of seamless audio editing. This technique is commonly known as L or J-cuts because of the shapes formed by the audio files on the timeline.

What is the narrative?

Creating a narrative for this video proved to be challenging. I initially collected stock footages, such as clouds, rain, and cityscape shots but felt that they were too detached and didn’t fit the story. The clip that I ended up using was the extra single shot video that my team filmed during the extensive earlier this semester.

The video features two different plotlines. We are introduced to the same characters in both plotlines. These clips were edited to run parallel with each other. The photos and audio files played a role in setting the scene and location – urban city on a rainy day. By the end of the video, the female character is “victorious” in both scenes.

The message that I wanted to convey is that we are all connected. Both characters are unknowingly connected and have crossed paths at different times. Whether it’s through fate or a greater force, the male character always ends up getting the short end of the stick – embarrassing himself and losing the race.

Final thoughts

The final edit sequence would have been more coherent if all the material had tied in with one another. A photo of “children holding umbrellas” juxtaposed with a video of “a man struggling to open a door” is jarring and doesn’t make for a sensible story. The challenge was to take these different elements and create a story out of it.

Is a story necessary? For this exercise, probably not, but I do believe that it is skill we should all improve on as content creators.

Watch FLOW:

CMWP Infographic

CMWP-infographicDesign is heavily-inspired by Persona 4. Status is based on results from the Strengths Finder test.

Look Mama! I Have My Own App!

appsComo - Create a mobile app in 3 easy steps.

Simple and efficient are buzz words that business owners are throwing left, right, and centre. In today’s world, we are always on the move and are constantly finding ways to digest information as quickly as possible. Introducing mobile apps – applications that enhance functionality and prioritize user experience.

Websites are easy to view on desktops but can be awkward and troublesome to navigate on mobile devices. Mobile apps were built to simplify the process of finding information by negating the need to use the phone’s browser. An example, would be for online banking. Instead of logging into the bank’s website on the phone’s browser, you’ll be able to use the banking app which lays out the Login Tab, monetary data, and personal info in a neat and concise manner.

There are many resources when it comes to creating mobile apps but I found Como to be user-friendly and easy to understand. In addition, Como is free to use. You can try creating your own mobile app using Como here.

For those interested in learning more, Android has a comprehensive tutorial online, outlining the process for their users. Same goes for Apple.

Storytelling with QR Codes

IMG_0092If there’s one thing I look forward to every year is the Docklands Winter Fireworks. During the months of July and August, fireworks would be on display for our viewing pleasures every Friday, 7pm at the New Quay Promenade. Great way to celebrate after a busy week and just take in the array of colours and patterns. And the best part of all, it’s FREE!

PS. Try scanning the QR code in the photo! First time using QR codes and I’m very amused.